FFP2 Gesichtsmaske 


Product performance: Multiple filtering; Breathable fabric; Continuous protection; Mild; Better fit your face; Soft skin contact

Multiple filtering: Multiple protective structures can effectively prevent haze and micro particles from entering, and effectively protect the user.

Mild and Comfort: Perfect fit for every face and optimal protection. The mask material is soft and tender to the skin. It fits every face well. Continue to care for your breathing, air permeability and no binding, to achieve more efficient protection.


  1. Wash your hands before wearing a mask or keep your hands away from the inner side of the mask while wearing.
  2. Distinguish the inside and outside of the mask – the outside is printed with words.

Distinguish the top and bottom of the mask -- the metal strip is on the top of the mask

  1. Do not squeeze the mask with your hands. Squeezing the mask with your hands can make the mask soggy with droplets.
  2. Make sure the mask fits well with the face. A simple test: after putting on a mask, exhale hard to check if the air doesn't leak through the edges.


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